The CFA recognizes Bengals.

Breaking News: a cure for FIP may be near?

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Bettering the Bengal Breed

Founded in 1988, TIBCS is the oldest and largest Bengal group of any kind in the world. We are a volunteer-based, non-profit organization dedicated to the Bengal Cat. We educate on all things Bengal, including health, genetics, behavior, acceptance, legal issues, and more.

Our magazine, The Bengal Bulletin, presents the cutting edge of Bengal thought on a wide variety of subjects. We raise money for Bengal cat rescue, health-related research, and informational programs promoting the legal status of Bengals throughout the world, just to name a few.

But our breeders also produce kittens! All have signed TIBCS Code of Ethics that governs the kittens they sell and how they treat their customers. Come to them for the kitten of your dreams, whether it be leopard spotted, marble, rosetted, or glittered in brown, snow, silver, or some of the newer colors. Our breeders have beautiful kittens of all types for sale, emphasizing health, temperament, and wild type in their breeding programs. Our responsible breeders are an excellent source for the kitten of your dreams!

We invite responsible pet owners and breeders to join us, or simply subscribe to our magazine.



Looking for a Bengal?
When shopping for a Bengal, don't miss our advertising section that is ONLINE HERE. All breeders listed have signed the TIBCS Code of Ethics that governs how they treat their cats and their customers---you!

CFA has finally accepted the Bengal after many decades!
Read about it now.

Breeding Recommendations
TIBCS has adopted Recommendations for HCM and PK Def for testing and breeding Bengals. The HCM Recommendations are also available in German, French, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

TIBCS, 7915 S. Emerson Ave., Suite B 142, Indianapolis, IN 46237, USA

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